Claire, R+F Team Member Gets Her Summer Glow On

This month, Rodan + Fields Team Member Claire shares the beauty, benefits and real results of using ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan

Growing up in Venice Beach, Claire admits basking in the sunshine was a part of everyday life in Southern California. But one bad sunburn as a child, along with a predisposition to skin cancer, made her hyper-aware of spending time in the sun today. “Abstaining from direct sun exposure is now a part of my life, rather than just happenstance,” she explains.

Claire still loves the look of a sun-kissed golden glow, but wishes she could take the “sun” out of the tanning process. She volunteered to try ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan once a day for six days. While acknowledging that her “passion for beauty and skincare is pretty paramount,” she also cares about the sun’s visible effects on her skin and her overall health. “Skin is the largest organ of our body, so if we don’t take care of it, we’re putting ourselves at risk.” We couldn’t agree more.


She appreciates Foaming Sunless Tan for its simplicity. “The foam formula has an airy, merengue-like quality that makes it easy to spread, and it absorbs into the skin effortlessly with quick, lasting results that I could see within two hours. I’ve never used anything quite like it.”

Friends noticed Claire’s tan too. Before she showed them the “before and after” results, they were convinced she’d just come back from vacation. “I’m very happy with my warm golden glow. I don’t look overly tanned, but more like I’ve spent a little extra time outside.” Claire plans to try it on her arms, back and face next. “I love the idea of using it on my face because the foam is so lightweight, easy to control and feels no different than a real tan—except no sun is necessary.”

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