Spring Cleaning for Your Skin: Consistency Beats One-Time Detox
Thursday, April 14, 2016
Derm RF


Spring is in full swing—and people are eager to purge their closets, diets and even their skin. Beauty headlines are promoting juice diets and detox cleanses that may work wonders for the digestive system, but these quickie fads will never be a shortcut to gorgeous, healthy skin. Like genetics, lifestyle also plays a role in aging our skin, and studies warn that exposure to pollution and toxins can make you look less than youthful. It’s far better to embrace a daily, consistent approach to skin cleansing rather than a drastic detox.

Go ahead and examine your skin closely in a mirror. Pollution, makeup and grime can quickly build up—another reason daily cleansing is a must to maintain healthy skin. Toxins are not something you can just rid yourself of by “sweating it out” because sweat is 99 percent water. Leave that to your liver and kidneys. And while staying hydrated helps these organs do their job, excessive water consumption isn’t good for your body and can cause side effects like nausea and disorientation. If you want to give your liver and kidneys a hand, then you could reduce your intake of sugar and processed foods, drink green tea once a day or try an ionic detox foot bath instead – if this interests you then find foot detox practitioners close to you.

It’s a dirty truth: Pollution left on the face can ultimately produce free radicals and cause oxidative stress which (you guessed it) ages skin. To draw out these impurities and leave skin smoother, the kaolin clay-based REDEFINE Cleansing Mask is a key first step in the REDEFINE Regimen for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin. To give acne-prone skin a cleaner slate, UNBLEMISH Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash helps penetrate pores and reduce the appearance of redness—a great way to kickstart your daily UNBLEMISH Regimen.

Don’t forget that as well as what you do to the the outside, you also need to look after the inside by maintaining a healthy diet. This includes making sure you always have your 5 a day which are full of key nutrients that will make you skin shine, and cutting down on the fats and sugars that do the exact opposite. Incorporating supportive supplements like optimal liposomal glutathione will also help to boost your immune system and help eradicate toxins. Start fresh this spring and take the skin-savvy route by following a daily Regimen that addresses your primary skin concern. If you’re in your 20s or 30s, prevention should be your number one priority. Avoid pollution, when possible, and toxins like cigarettes and alcohol. Always wash your face before bed (no exceptions). By treating your skin with care each day, you’ll see real results that a beauty fad can’t ever replicate.

Healthy skin is always in fashion as far as beauty trends go. Share your spring skincare plan with us below.


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