How Do I Tell If I Have Sensitive Skin?

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For some people, sensitivity means red-looking skin in severe weather, or the appearance of bumps and redness after using a new soap or skincare product. For others, razor burn strikes after every shave. Or sometimes stress makes their skin go wild.

For the 70% of Americans who report having sensitive skin, there may be any number of underlying causes—from heredity to lifestyle or the environment. Where does your skin fit in?

The first step to a healthier-looking complexion is assessing your skin and identifying triggers that bring on sensitivity. Whether you face chapped, dry, cracked or red-looking skin every day or only on occasion, find the SOOTHE solution that works for your skin.

Click here to answer a few questions to help your skin find its comfort zone.

Check back all month for tips on tackling sensitive skin, getting the most out of your sunscreen and active ingredients that can visibly transform skin.


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 Comment below with the daily culprits that have your skin seeing red—is it severe weather, skincare products, spicy foods, razor burn, or something else that triggers sensitivity?

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  1. My son’s eczema on his arms & hands troubled him (and me) for a year before finding Soothe. We’d tried $1000’s of dollars worth of OTC creams, lotions, RX’s, steroids, RX by mouth, potions, oils, herbals, & any kind of product we could get our hands on that we thought might work. The last thing my Mom bought prior to us finding Soothe was a $60 jar of Egyptian magic cream she found online. It failed miserably & again no money bank guarantee. Nothing worked, steroids helped briefly but left him with patches of skin that was depigmented, some products made it worse, & NONE had any kind of money back guarantee. The last thing my Mom bought prior to us finding Soothe was a $60 jar of Egyptian magic cream she found online. It failed miserably & again no money bank guarantee. When we found Soothe, I’d never heard of R+F, but I was desperate as my sweet teenage son asked me to stop putting him in short sleeves…this was May 2014 & I knew summer in Alabama was going to only get hotter. Struggling to hold back tears, I promised him I’d spend all summer (& I wouldn’t give up until I found something) looking for a miracle to heal his painful, itchy, scaly, rough, cracked arms & hands. Our goal was to start Junior High in short sleeves. In June 2014, a coworker heard me talking about this issue & mentioned she used R+F Reverse & Unblemish & knew they had a regimen for sensitive skin. I jumped at the opportunity to try it & was thrilled they had a 60 day, empty bottle, money back guarantee, because I was positive I would be sending it back. Within 4 hours after our first application of the Soothe regimen, we knew we were on to something when he said “Momma, you’ve got to feel my arms!! they feel like normal skin!!!” Within a few weeks, his skin was healed and he was even starting to get normal color back in the patches that were white from the steroid creams!! In August 2014, he did start junior high in short sleeves, and his skin was normal again, which gave him his confidence back. We knew then our purpose for his battle with eczema was to share this product with the world. As a OR RN by trade, I am no salesperson but becoming a R+F consultant & sharing these skin changing & life changing products & business became a passion that is paying off in spades! If you’re considering trying the products and/or business, don’t overthink it…what have you got to lose???

  2. My skin is horribly compromised from chemotherapy. My face was always covered with painful pustules, bright red and scabby. I started using the Soothe regimen just to feel like I was doing something for my skin. Skin care was always a good habit with me. I started Soothe in September of 2015. By Thanksgiving,I had stopped my strong antibiotic and perscription cream. Occasionally I will have a small pustules and a bit of redness. My doctors are amazed and asked for printed info. I will be on chemo for the rest of my life and admittedly,my facial skin is not what it once was, but the relief and joy I feel when I look in the mirror in the mirror is priceless! Thank you Dr.’s Rodan and Fields for giving me some of my confidence back!

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