What can I do to reduce my daily sensitive skin?


Dr. Kathy Fields: The skin’s natural lipid barrier is designed to hold moisture, cool the skin through release of moisture, and prevent irritants from penetrating the skin. When that barrier is compromised, due to genetic predisposition or environmental factors, your skin loses water faster and is more exposed to the harsh effects of external triggers—which can lead to sensitive skin that is dry, cracked, chapped or visibly red.

Some great ways to help your skin break the cycle of sensitivity include:

1) Be gentle when touching skin, and avoid exfoliating products that contain glycolic acid, scrubs and mechanical brushes, which can diminish the protective barrier on skin;

2) Before applying daily skincare products to your whole face, do a patch test on the inside of your neck in case your skin has a reaction (stick with fragrance-free formulas, too).

3) Avoid other environmental triggers that may cause sensitive skin flare-ups, such as unprotected exposure to wind or cold weather, hot showers, stress, spicy foods and alcoholic beverages.

If sensitivity, including dry, chapped, cracked or red-looking skin is a usual occurrence, a daily comprehensive skincare routine is recommended. The SOOTHE Regimen helps to protect your skin and alleviate dryness and other sensitivity issues, so that you can help your sensitive skin look and feel its best. SOOTHE Regimen combines clinically proven OTC active ingredients with exclusive RFp3 peptide technology to shield against the biological and environmental aggressors associated with dry, chapped, cracked, red-looking, sensitive skin. The result? A healthy-looking, even-toned complexion every day.

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  1. Hi Dr. Rodan a d Dr. Fields-

    I have a preferred customer that is breaking out with the redefine- she was using Reverse and having no problems with that and started using the redefine- mainly the wash -causing her to break out like sores. I just found out she has sensitive skin- which I am amazed she did ok with the reverse. She stopped using the products and now her skin is going back to normal. She is saying she needs the redefine more than the reverse but now is afraid to use it. Any thoughts??? Thank you so much!!!

  2. A potential PC has asked about her college age daughter’s psoriasis. Would Soothe be the correct regimen to suggest? The breakout spots are under the eye and on back of neck near her hair line. Thanks, K Jackson

  3. Soothe is something I just cannot get enough of.
    I have one son with rosacia who uses it but because he travels to a local college and back home for weekends, he would use it more consistently with a second box.
    Because I cook a lot and get burned often, Soothe is my go to first aid remedy.
    I do a lot of walking and swimming and often don’t reapply my R+F sunscreen soon as enough and rely on Soothe!
    I recently had an awful cold/allergy which left my nose area raw and red. I was so excited when I realized that Soothe might just do the trick to treat it. I was stunned at how immediately it lifted off a layer of dry skin and removed the redness.
    I have on occasion had irritation from the Amp MD Roller and once again is quickly gone with the use of Soothe.
    I have had rashes that responded quickly and have used it on my grandchildren’s eczema with amazing results.
    To sum up, I use Soothe so often that getting an extra would mean the world to me.
    Thankyou Drs Rodan and Fields for this inovative, miracle product!

  4. I am turning 40 in July and I have noticed a lot of changes in my skin the last year. I still struggle with acne (forehead mainly) but I also have wrinkles on my forehead, between eyebrows and wrinkles around eyes. I have also noticed a couple brown spots on my forehead as well. Yay to aging!
    I have fair skin so I do get red and blotchy at times, burn easily and my forehead is oily but dries out fast when using harsh ingredients.
    I use the sulfur wash, clarifying toner, intensive acne treatment and oil control lotion during the day but it tends to dry my forehead out at times (sun exposure and wind makes it worse) and it makes my forehead lines more noticeable notice when my forehead is dry. At night I use the sulfer wash, clarifng toner and the redefine pm. I still have the dark spots to deal with so I’m not sure if I am using the right regiment at night. I need your help because I seem to need all of the products. I don’t fit in just one specific group. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jamie

  5. I always wear sunscreen and avoid sun as much as possible. The heat makes my face itchy. I use soothe regimen to keep my sensitivity and Rosacea controlled.

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