Brittany Lanier, R+F Consultant
Friday, July 29, 2016
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This month, Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant Brittany Lanier shares her life-changing journey to clear skin and her remarkable results from using the UNBLEMISH Regimen.


Aside from the vows, the sweetest words 25-year-old Brittany Lanier heard on her wedding day were, “You have such good skin.” After suffering from chronic acne for years, Brittany knows firsthand what an emotional rollercoaster the devastating skin condition can bring—and it’s a growing concern today. Many of us don’t give acne a second thought in our post-teen years, but the number of patients over the age of 25 treated for acne is increasing, and 54% of them are women.


Brittany first noticed her forehead breaking out the summer before 7th grade. It continued through high school, culminating during college when she spent a semester abroad in Ghana, Africa. Her face became covered in cystic acne due to environmental conditions and dietary changes. After returning home, her confidence took a huge hit. “I suffered extreme sadness and self-consciousness and spent a lot of time at home, making any excuse I could to not have to go out and socialize.”

When her dermatologist couldn’t find a solution, Brittany took control of her skin’s future. “I decided to completely re-route my diet, skincare and exercise routine.” She started using the UNBLEMISH Regimen twice a day and ENHANCEMENTS Micro-dermabrasion Paste three times a week (when her skin wasn’t sensitive, red or irritated). She also began to eat healthier, exercised more, and wore less makeup. “I started to see improvement around weeks four to six. My skin completely cleared up after eight to nine weeks.”

Brittany gives her skincare routine and her lifestyle changes credit for improving her life in more ways than one. Now she associates taking care of her skin with disconnecting from daily stress, and physically cleaning off chaos. “Without habit, consistency and routine, you are unlikely to ever find results.” Ultimately, Brittany became a Consultant because of her “love for UNBLEMISH,” and she takes joy in sharing her story with friends, family and Customers.

Do you know someone whose skin could benefit from Rodan + Fields acne-fighting Regimen?


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