Clear Up Your Skin for Back To School

Fall…time for back to school, for getting back into a routine. The anticipation, excitement and, in some cases, anxiety can wreak havoc on your complexion. And if those hot summer days haven’t brought you a sweat-induced breakout yet (lucky you), then the combined stress of a revved-up fall schedule could easily show up on your face. The good news is that while acne is not curable, it is treatable and controllable.

08_Insidelook_HeroImageUse these easy tips to stay ahead of back-to-school acne and score flawless-looking skin:

  • Wash your face both before bed and in the morning. A whole day’s worth of dirt, oil and even environmental pollution can coat your face by the end of the day. Likewise, hair products can rub off onto your pillow, and from there end up on your cheeks, so it’s important to start clean every morning.
  • It’s important to remove layers of dead skin cells and dirt so they don’t block your pores. Gentle exfoliation also keeps your skin glowing.
  • Don’t pick or pop. Disturbing a pimple can cause infections and make it worse, sometimes leaving a scar. Dab a sulfur treatment on the problem area twice a day to bring down the swelling, or try UNBLEMISH Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash to unclog pores and reduce visible redness.
  • Keep it simple. Too many products can aggravate your skin. UNBLEMISH Regimen is a simple, four-step continuous solution that addresses the acne cycle, eliminating most acne blemishes before they are visible on the skin’s surface.
  • See your dermatologist. If you’re still having acne challenges, see your dermatologist for a consult.

There’s one thing to remember if nothing else: you should continue doing what works for you. To quote Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, “When it comes to beating acne, success is routine.”

Tell us your story about how you successfully treated your acne. 

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  1. My son has been using Unblemish for over a year now. Initially it worked for about 6 months, all of sudden he’s having horrible acne again. My consultant recommending adding the paste, no luck seems to have irritated it. Getting ready to go on Accutane if it doesn’t clear up , appt. next month. He is very good about using his product. Any other suggestions on products.

  2. I use the R+F UNBLEMISH regimen 2x/day, every day. I use the ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste 3x/ week followed by the UNBLEMISH wash as a 15 minute mask. I’m also more conscious of what I eat, drinking more clear fluids (gotta stay hydrated 365 days/ year), always applying sunscreen when going outdoors, & getting more rest.

    My skin is acne free & I’m loving it! I’ve recently introduced the REDEFINE regimen into my routine @ night (Wrinkles? What wrinkles?), but UNBLEMISH is my hero! Thank you Doctors Rodan & Fields!

    1. Its not uncommon to experience peeling when trying new products. You may want to try additional moisture if you have inherently dry skin, soothe step 3 is a good option. Additionally, exfoliation helps to remove the dead layer of skin cells so that your unblemish products penetrate better. I recommend microdermabrasion paste to all of my customers who use unblemish and they love it! Not only does it leave your skin feeling amazing, removal of the top layer of dead skin (the stratum corneum) removes dry skin and also increases product efficacy 🙂 I would try this, and if it doesn’t help go for extra moisture 🙂

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