What can I use for a dull, uneven complexion?


Dr. Kathy Fields: When it comes to dull skin, it’s generally not what you see that’s the problem—it’s what you don’t see. From sun damage and hormones to the aging process, there are changes that occur beneath the surface that rob skin of its vibrancy. So while you may observe freckles, sun spots or age spots on the outside, excessive pigmentation below the surface actually absorbs light and reflects dullness.

Even if you’ve zeroed in on a couple of trouble areas, your best bet is to treat the whole face daily with products that exfoliate, brighten and protect your skin. Exfoliating is key as it removes dead skin cells, clears the way for products that follow, and helps refine the skin’s surface for more even light reflection and luminosity.

REVERSE Brightening Regimen improves the appearance of uneven skin tone with Vitamin C and Retinol, while diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. A crucial step of this skincare solution is REVERSE Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen to decrease early skin aging and defend skin against further UV damage from the sun. Ingredients like licorice and mulberry also help brighten skin.

On your journey to a smoother, more radiant and younger-looking complexion, you will want to avoid the sun, seek shade and wear SPF every day. Even incidental UV exposure without sunscreen can undo all of your good work. So be vigilant when it comes to protecting your skin, and be patient. Acquiring age spots and dull skin took a lifetime, so it may take two to three months to restore your skin’s clarity and brightness.

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    1. Hi, we recommend consulting with a Doctor before using any product while pregnant or breast feeding, thanks!

  1. I believe I need the accelerator pack but having trouble finding info on it. Can u tell me what’s included? Reverse bright regimen, plus what two items of the lightening?

  2. I have only used Reverse Regimen a week. I have a rash on my cheeks. Do I need to use once every three days or is this normal on some clients?

  3. I am using the Reverse regimen and wondering how to incororporate the Reverse lightning pack .
    Will I skip steps from the reverse basic program or add the brightening pack additionally to my Reverse program?

    1. I have a PC who was loving Reverse for 3 weeks. She was on Clindamycin when she started week 4. She broke out in a huge rash. Once off Clindamycin, she started week 4, after being off the regimen for 4days, she broke out in a rash again. Should she have started off slowly again, or should I recommend something else?

  4. Good afternoon.
    I have a potential customer who has Actinic Keratosis. She is very bothered by the age spots she has on her face and would like to try the Reverse regimen but thought I would reach out and see what you recommended for her. Additionally, I have another PC who just started the Soothe Regimen for Rosacea. While she is loving her results she noticed after a couple of weeks her skin flared up. She removed the sunscreen and the redness went away. Any idea on this? Thanks so much.

  5. Hi,
    Most of my PCs are 60+ with wrinkles and age spots, thus, concern with both. Is it more effective to stick to one regimen for a couple of months before introducing a different one? Once a skin has reached to satisfaction, is it beneficial to then use one regimen(Redefine) A.M. and another(Reverse) at night? or alternate monthly?

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