Skincare Is the Ultimate in Self-Care
Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Derm RF

Self-care is a very popular notion these days—just Google the words, and you’ll see A-list celebrities sharing their rituals. Everyone has their own approach to the rejuvenating time-out, whether it’s morning meditation, weekly manicures, or seasonal juice cleanses.

Modern women are seeing the benefits of recharging and taking care of themselves, and as a recent partnership between Glamour magazine and Rodan + Fields explores, pampering your skin with regular exfoliation, hydration and moisture is a key aspect of self-care.

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Even with three kids, Emily Pennington, 38, carves out time to nurture her spirit, mind and body daily. “I have to do something for myself every single day to make me the best me,” says Pennington, a Rodan + Fields® Consultant based in Birmingham, Alabama. “Some days I do yoga walk around the block or get on the elliptical. It always just makes everything better.”

Pennington loves creative projects, dancing and playing music in her home, but her “me time” is when she’s taking care of her skin. “As a busy wife, mom of three and entrepreneur, there’s always someone who needs something from me,” says Pennington. “It’s nice to stop and have [a moment of] peace and quiet.”

Maintaining her youthful look inspires Rachael Braunshweiger’s skincare routine. “Taking care of my skin is the number one thing I do for self-care,” says Braunshweiger, who lives in sunny Delray Beach, Florida, with her husband and daughters. Nobody else is going to make my skin beautiful. I have to do that for myself!

A REDEFINE™ user and R+F Consultant who worries about dark spots and other signs of sun exposure, Braunshweiger loves the fact that REDEFINE Triple Defense Treatment has broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection. She also maintains that she can’t live without using ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste three times a week. Her daily schedule includes one hour of exercise—right now, she’s obsessed with fun, high-intensity trampoline classes and weight training. She’s also never without a professional mani-pedi. At mealtimes, she savors the healthy dishes her husband cooks while they talk to their daughters about why eating good food is important.

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While self-care can feel like a luxury, it is neither selfish nor indulgent, according to Braunshweiger. “Self-care is about realizing that I matter,” she says, “and that in order for me to take care of my husband and children the best I can, I need to first take care of myself.”


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