Reaping the Beautiful Benefits of Vitamin A for Your Skin

Can we really have an impact on the way our skin looks as we get older? The answer is: yes!

Vitamin A is clinically proven to make a huge impact on how skin ages when used daily. Dermatologists have been prescribing it for decades as the gold standard for smoothing and firming the look of skin for a healthy, more youthful appearance. When it comes to delivering long-term benefits, it gets an A+.

However, there’s a hitch: Prescription Vitamin A causes irritation, making it difficult for consumers to use daily. As you know, the things we do for our skin on a daily basis are the things that really make a big difference.

So how can you reap the benefits of Vitamin A without the irritation or the prescription?

One way is to use products that contain Retinol, which is less irritating to the skin, but less potent and effective than prescription Vitamin A.

The innovative way is to use Retinal (with an A), which is one step closer to prescription Vitamin A than Retinol. In fact, Retinal is a form of Vitamin A that is more concentrated than Retinol, and the benefit to you is faster, more dramatic results.

The ability to use Retinal is innovative because until now, no one knew how to stabilize and deliver it effectively.

R+F Intensive Renewing Serum with Retinal-MD Technology is as close to prescription Vitamin A as you can get. So, if you’re looking to amp up your results (and who isn’t?) Intensive Renewing Serum has been clinically tested to work with all skin types and every Regimen, to help you see dramatic results faster and without the irritation that often comes with prescription Vitamin A.

 Here’s what some users who have used Intensive Renewing Serum have to say about their experience:

“Skin looks best ever … less makeup is huge.” — Study Participant, UNBLEMISH + IRS, 8 Weeks

“Wrinkles, fine lines and skin texture are visibly improved, which makes me very happy.” — Study Participant, SOOTHE + IRS, 8 Weeks

“Feel like my skin is looking and feeling better, younger, smoother.” — Study Participant, REDEFINE + AMP + IRS, 4 Weeks

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  1. I’m totally impressed with the new Intensive Renewing Serum & so are my Preferred Customers!! I have quite a number of PCs who have sensitive skin & could not use the Redefine Night Renewing Serum, as the retinol was too harsh for their skin. With this innovative, 20x more “powerful”, new Intensive Renewing Serum, even my PCs with the most Sensitive of Skin are able to use daily & are reaping the benefits from this tiny, blue capsule!

  2. I love Retinal. I use to hate washing my face at night. I would be too tired to care.
    Now I look forward to cleansing my face and feeling the warm luxurious feeling of retinal.
    I love it. My face is looking younger every day.

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