Is it just us, or did January fly by? It seems like we just shared our favorite no-fail New Year’s resolutions. And, speaking of resolutions, how are you progressing with yours? If you haven’t done as well as you’d planned, don’t worry – you’re not alone. According to one report, 80% of people who make a resolution on January 1 have broken it by the second week of February…which is right about now.

Maybe you adopted one of our suggestions, or maybe you came up with a resolution of your own. Either way, if you’re struggling, these three tips will encourage and motivate you to get back on track.

  1. Acknowledge mistakes quickly, then move on. Skipping the gym and falling into bed exhausted or caving and eating donuts at the Tuesday staff meeting is not proof that you should give up forever on your New Year’s resolution to take better care of yourself — or even that you should give up for the rest of the day. Put your slip-up in the past and recommit. If you’ve realized your original New Year’s resolution is unattainable (“No sugar, ever!”), come up with a modified version you can more easily meet (“Eat more whole foods than I did last year.”). If you resolved to make more “me time” and that hasn’t happened, aim for a small goal and count it as a win when you succeed – 30 or even 15 minutes counts.
  2. Be patient with yourself (and your results). Results take time. If you resolved, as we did, to hydrate your skin more often, don’t be discouraged if you don’t notice a dramatic difference yet. Skin cells take approximately 28 days to turn over, and we all have good skin days and bad skin days; but if you’re consistent, results will come. (If you could use some instant gratification, try R+F Active Hydration Serum — in an eight-day clinical study, it raised skin’s hydration level by 200% after just one use.) When it comes to resolutions, being patient and playing the long game pays off.
  3. Love yourself in the meantime. Constantly berating yourself won’t turn you into a perfect person; after all, nobody is perfect. Even if you’re not having as much success with your resolutions as you’d hoped, give yourself a break. This might mean making time for self-care as simple as being consistent with your skincare Regimen, or adopting some of the resolutions we’ve established this year, like getting a massage. Easy, enjoyable and attainable — just how resolutions should be!

How have you resolved to care for yourself in 2018? Any encouraging words for those who need a pep talk? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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