How to Soothe Sensitive Skin This Winter

Everyone wants a smooth, even complexion year-round, but sensitive skin requires special care in winter. Luckily, it takes just a few tweaks to your SOOTHE Regimen to make a remarkable difference in how your skin looks and feels in cold weather, and our Director of Product Education, Mary Radford, RN, has all the information you need.

Steer Clear of Steam

“Avoid hot showers, steam rooms and saunas to minimize facial flushing,” Mary says. Also, use lukewarm water when washing your face, she advises, as hot water dehydrates skin and can also contribute to redness.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Mary also suggests adding Active Hydration Serum to your SOOTHE Regimen because hydration is often what sensitive skin is missing most. “Sensitive skin usually has a compromised surface with microscopic fissures that allow moisture to leach out and environmental toxins to leach in and irritate skin,” she notes. “Harsh climates can affect sensitive skin, making it more dry, chapped and sensitive, resulting in redness and possibly peeling.”

By supplementing your SOOTHE Regimen with Active Hydration Serum, you will further nourish your skin and boost hydration levels by 200% after just one use.* This hydrating serum formulated with our moisture-locking 3D3P Molecular Matrix is safe for use on sensitive skin, and in an eight-week clinical study, people who added Active Hydration Serum to their SOOTHE Regimen experienced skin that was not only calmer but also visibly firmer with fewer fine lines.

Participants in that study achieved the following results:**

• 95% had softer skin
•95% saw visibly firmer skin***
•91% had more radiant skin
•91% had smoother skin
•86% had fewer fine lines
•76% had smaller-looking pores

Because hydrated skin not only looks healthier but is primed to more readily accept ingredients from products that are layered on top, Active Hydration Serum helps boost the benefits of your SOOTHE Regimen. Apply it after cleansing with SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash (and warm water, remember, not hot!) and follow with SOOTHE Sensitive Treatment and the remainder of your Regimen.

Protect It from the Sun

Even when the weather is overcast, the sun’s powerful rays are wreaking havoc on your skin. One product Mary recommends incorporating into your routine is ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides SPF 20, a multi-tasking powder that provides SPF 20 sunscreen protection, plus contains light-reflecting minerals that immediately help even skin tone and reduce visible redness.

Have a friend with sensitive skin? Send this post their way. They — and their skin — will thank you for it.

*Based on an 8-day US clinical study

** Based on an 8-week US clinical study

***Based on an 8-week independent US consumer study

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  1. I have been using sooth for a couple of months and have just added active hydration already can see that my skin seems to be smoother with less redness

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