Why You Should Wear Sunscreen Indoors

By now, you already know that you should be wearing sunscreen whenever you are outside, even if it’s not sunny, because the sun’s rays can still reach and damage your skin on a cloudy day. What you may not know, however, is that you should be wearing SPF when you are inside, too.

Why? It turns out that UV exposure from lamps and other indoor light sources has the potential to harm your skin. Over time, UV exposure can add up, causing skin damage and early signs of aging. According to Dermatology News, long-term daily UV exposure can trigger certain skin conditions, such as melasma. Too much UV exposure also causes almost all types of skin cancer.

Indoor sources of potentially harmful UV exposure include fluorescent bulbs, halogen lamps and even tablet and computer screens. It’s not just your face you should be concerned about: UV curing lamps used during gel manicures have the potential to damage the skin on your hands. (Tip: Bring your REDEFINE Age Shield Hand Balm with SPF 30 to the nail salon.)

While window glass effectively blocks UVB rays, UVA rays, which cause premature signs of aging, still get through. This means that whether you’re sitting at a desk by a window, are in a window seat on a plane, or are in a car, your skin is likely being exposed to damaging rays. Studies have found that in the United States, skin damage is worse on the left side of the face and body since that’s where we sit when driving. Windshield glass is usually treated to block UVA and UVB rays, but side windows are not.

To best protect yourself, slather on the SPF each morning, whether you’re going out or staying in, and reapply every two hours. If you need to restock your supply (or get an extra for the car), we have sunscreen for your body, and one for every Regimen: REDEFINE, REVERSE, UNBLEMISH and SOOTHE.

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