Lab Life: Dr. Tim on the Invention of Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid

Our Independent Consultants and Customers are really excited about NEW Rodan + FIelds Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid — and so are the scientists in our product-development lab in Berkeley, California. Rodan + Fields Customer Experience Manager Kelly McClure got some insider details about the process from our Vice President of Research and Development, Dr. Tim Falla.

Kelly: Dr. Tim, when people imagine the Rodan + Fields laboratory, they think of petri dishes and Bunsen burners. Is that what the lab looks like?

Dr. Tim: The Berkeley Lab does look like one you would imagine from college or high school. We don’t have petri dishes, because we’re not growing bacteria, but we do have things like Bunsen burners. They are now more sophisticated — Professor Bunsen would be very proud of his new burner.

Kelly: I’m also envisioning a sea of white lab coats. Is that the case?

Dr. Tim: There are about 60 of us on the team working together to develop new products, and a fair number of us are in lab coats and safety goggles.

Kelly: How did you begin developing the first Rodan + Fields Dermacosmetic? Is Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid skincare?

Dr. Tim:  All true innovations begin with a need. The story of Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid is no different. The Doctors were motivated by a common request. Women of all ages and skin tones were beyond thrilled with the results from their daily Regimens, yet still liked to use post-Regimen products that instantly perfected skin for a more polished look. However, the products that were out there — foundations, BB and CC creams, tinted moisturizers — often masked their natural glow or clogged their pores. So we thought of what our skin goes through every day – the environment, stress, sun, the list goes on. We knew we had to create a product to protect and instantly perfect the glowing skin these women had earned through daily Regimen usage. Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid is a skincare product, the last step in your skincare routine. It instantly perfects the look of your skin and protects your natural glow.

Kelly: Rodan + Fields has four skincare Regimens that target different concerns, and Radiant Defense works with all of them. How did you create a product that works for people with skin concerns — like acne?

Dr. Tim: Radiant Defense provides protection and defense — which everybody needs. People with acne sometimes fear that products like this will make them break out. We made sure Radiant Defense does not clog pores and is breathable, lightweight and non-acnegenic, meaning it will not cause breakouts.

Kelly: Were there any “Aha!” moments along the way?

Dr. Tim: The biggest “Aha!” for us was during a trial run of the product when we asked some Rodan + Fields employees to try Radiant Defense for a week. When we talked to them afterward, they said the look and feel of their skin had improved.

Kelly: Which Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid shade are you, Dr. Tim?

Dr. Tim: I’m a unique shade somewhere between Beige and Sand. I’m the same shade as Mario Lopez, by the way.

Kelly: Right—you met Mario when he hosted our gala at R+F Convention in September! But Mario seems more Golden to me.

Dr. Tim: If you look up close, he’s actually closer to Beige.

Kelly: You know the shades better than anyone else, so I’ll take your word for it! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today, Dr. Tim.

Now that you know which shades Dr. Tim wears, click here if you’re in the U.S., here if you’re in Canada and here if you’re in Australia to learn more and find the Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid shade that’s perfect for you.

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