Layer On These Winter Skincare Products

Winter is all about layering — and we don’t just mean piling on another cozy sweater. These favorite products are perfect to add onto any Rodan + Fields Regimen:

Layer on hydration with…

Active Hydration Serum

All skin types, even oily and blemish-prone, need hydration, especially in harsh winter weather. This oil-free serum preps your skin to better receive products layered on top of it, improving their performance. If you have dry skin, use it twice daily — after cleansing and toning — then follow with morning or evening moisturizer. If you have normal, oily or combination skin, use the serum nightly after cleansing and toning, and apply your evening moisturizer as needed.

Layer on texture and firmness with…

REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum

This revitalizing serum is formulated with Retinal, a concentrated form of Vitamin A. It empowers skin’s own renewing process for a more refined, firmer-looking complexion with fewer visible lines in just four weeks. Use it at night after cleansing and toning — and layer it over Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum if you’re using both.

Layer on instant perfection with…

Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid

This tinted Dermacosmetic instantly protects and perfects the glow you’ve earned from having a consistent skincare routine. Available in six sheer shades, Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid provides buildable coverage for a beautiful finish and a radiant,healthy-looking complexion. It also provides defense against the elements. Use it as the final step of your morning Rodan + Fields Regimen.

Which products will you be layering into your Rodan + Fields Regimen this winter?

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  1. As a Redefine user, the Amp MD roller 1-minute routine and IRS is part of my bedtime ritual. The eye cream is a must as well as the hydration serum. The products have absolutely slowed down the aging process on my skin and I love the compliments when I answer I don’t wear makeup. Even the Radiant Defense I occasionally wear (for special occasions- like weddings), is light and allows my skin’s radiance to shine through.
    Thank you Rodan + Fields for creating the Active Hydration Body Replenish cream too. It makes my skin look and feel SO MUCH BETTER, and the fragrance is very light and pleasant.

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