A Revolutionary Approach: The Doctors’ Story

What’s the #1 skin disease in the world? Hint: It’s also the #1 skin condition that no one wants to live with. Acne. Not only is it an uncomfortable skin issue, acne can affect our self-esteem in as many ways as there are people.


The Doctors understand this firsthand. Dr. Katie Rodan grew up outside of Los Angeles. Dr. Kathy Fields was raised in a suburb of Chicago. And when they met during their residencies at Stanford Medical School, they realized they had something in common that shaped not only their self-esteem, but would ultimately shape their lives and destinies. As teens and young adults, they had both lived with acne, and they were both miserable when they had it.

“I had been deeply affected psychologically by my acne,” says Dr. Katie Rodan — and she was determined to fix the problem. “When I was in my first year of medical school, I realized my calling was to be a dermatologist.” Then she met Kathy.

Kathy, too, had suffered from acne as a young adult and then as an adult — every single month.


The Doctors became friends while studying for their medical board exams at Stanford. Later they both set up dermatology practices in the San Francisco Bay Area, where they bonded even more. They would often discuss their patients’ challenges. Katie recalls one woman with acne who told her the story of seeing a male doctor who had said, “What do you care? You’re married.” Clearly, the issue was not just acne, but how to deal with everything that went with it.

They also talked about the advice the chairman of their department at Stanford had given them: Find a hobby in dermatology. Out of all their colleagues in their dermatology practices at the time, they were the only women. Women patients flocked to us because we understood what they were going through.” It was then that they realized that their own lives and those of their patients had led them to this very moment. “Bingo. There was our hobby: acne.”


The Doctors understood the emotional and psychological scars that people could face the rest of their lives because of this skin condition. They also saw that the spot-treatment approach had never been successful — and had never changed. Instead, they decided to focus on acne prevention using a full-face system that tackles every step of the acne cycle. The Doctors have revolutionized acne treatment by doing just that — focusing on prevention with the right combination of highly effective ingredients.

With Rodan + Fields, the Doctors develop innovations to bring effective treatments to acne sufferers. R+F “Before and After” photos show their stories in a real and unmistakable way. This year, Rodan + Fields introduces two new Regimens, SPOTLESS for Teen and Young Adult Acne and reformulated UNBLEMISH for Adult Acne and Visible Signs of Aging. Both Regimens use potent ingredients in formulations developed specifically for each group.

The DOCTORS’ PASSION  “We are absolutely passionate about treating acne,” they say, and by doing so, restoring self-esteem. “Having clear skin is priceless, so take control,” the Doctors say. “You can change your life.”

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