Shelfie Tips From a Rodan + Fields Art Director
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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So what’s a shelfie, anyway? It’s a photo you post of a shelf that’s home to your stash of skincare — in this case, Rodan + Fields products. A shelfie shows off your product savvy and your creative flair. Also, a shelfie is a great window into the soul of any skincare enthusiast.

We want your shelfie.

We’re always looking for beautiful shelfies to post on our Instagram feed to show how real people personalize their display of Rodan + Fields Regimens and add-ons. So if you have a phone and a shelf with some R+F, you’re all set to give it a try!

To help you capture a professional-quality shelfie, here are some tips from Rodan + Fields Art Director Saskia Naidu, who creates a lot of our shelfies. (Including the one here!) Follow her advice, and you could see your photo on our feed and your name in the credits.

Tip #1: Choose your location.

Your shelfie could be your medicine cabinet. It could be a bathroom countertop. It could even be the nightstand in your bedroom. Ideally, though, it will be somewhere with a lot of natural light or, if that’s not possible, bright white light. This will ensure there are minimal shadows and allow you to really show off your style — and your products.

Tip #2: Only R+F, please.

The only name-brand items in your photo should come from Rodan + Fields. Otherwise, we won’t be able to post it!

Tip #3: Tidy Up!

Make sure your shelf is neat and sparkling clean. And give all your products a quick wipe to make sure there’s no residue on them.

Tip #4: Face labels forward.

We want to see the names of everything! You can place products on different levels if you like, but be sure that they are “looking” directly at the camera. Feel free to place other items in your shelfie at a slant, or leaning. 

Tip #5: Prop your shot.

Want to spice it up? You could include a perfume decanter, a glass filled with gauze pads, or even a small succulent to enhance the shot. Here’s where you can really use your imagination! The props you choose will make the shot unique and show your personality.

Tip #6: Make the shelf the hero.

The shelf should take up about 75% of the frame. The remaining 25% of the photograph should give a sense of where the shelfie is being taken.

Tip #7: No flash, please.

A flash can wash out your shelfie. If you feel like the image is too dim, adjust the brightness on your phone. On an iPhone, the exposure automatically adjusts when you hold your finger on the square icon.  On an Android, there’s a slider that pops up at the side or top. 

Tip #8: Be a straight shooter!

While it might seem like a creative move to shoot from above or below the shelf or at an angle, don’t give in to the urge! We won’t be able to see what’s on the shelf. Aim your camera straight ahead and go for it.

Tip #9: Post and tag.

Post your photo on Instagram with #RFShelfie. Don’t forget to tag @rodanandfields!

So get snapping! We can’t wait to see what you send us! Maybe we’ll see you on Instagram.

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