Oh, the Places They Go! R+F Consultants Travel the World
Friday, July 19, 2019
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We often talk about the R+F Journey for Independent Consultants, which includes everything from launching a business to personal development to success and rewards. For many, part of that Journey is the travel itself, whether it may be working while on a cruise ship vacation, or getting to relax on a Fiji vacation with an island to themselves. Consultants can often take advantage of schedule flexibility and the extra income they earn to see the world. All because they can work while on the road (or the boat), they have the extra funds to pay for it, or they go to Convention – or all of the above! Here are some Consultants who have let their wanderlust take over, in the best ways possible.

Angela Thorne

Angela Thorne is an R+F Independent Consultant in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her favorite trip in the past year was to Coco Beach, Costa Rica with her boyfriend and his family. “What I loved most about Costa Rica was the opportunity to un-plug from my day-to-day life and experience all the unique culture this beautiful country has to offer,” she says. Costa Rica is a beautiful part of the planet and she managed to watch many different species of exotic birds with a tour guide like Costa Rica Focus while she was protected by R+F. “We created memories that will last a lifetime.” Angela says the time flexibility and financial freedom that her business provides allows her to say “Goodbye” to the two weeks per year vacation time she had before R+F, and “Hello” to a life of living on her own terms and her own schedule. She said she brought her mini REDEFINE and REVERSE Lightening Regimens with her “to protect and replenish my skin throughout our long days spent in the sun.” Because these Regimen sizes are TSA-approved, she didn’t even check a bag.

Angela’s next trip? Cape Town, ZA, her hometown in South Africa where the majority of her family still lives. “This is an opportunity to spend a month abroad with my loved ones without the stress of missing work. I am incredibly thankful for the time, freedom and flexibility this business allows me.”

Christina Funk

Christina Funk is a wife, mom of four, and a nurse practitioner in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Just this year, she traveled to New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Los Cabos, Mexico and Scottsdale, Arizona, often with her family. “Each of these trips enriched my life in unique ways,” she says, “and NONE of these life experiences would have even been on my radar if I hadn’t jumped into this business with two feet first over two years ago!” Of all the places, she said Cabo with her husband was incredibly special. “For as long as I live, I’ll never forget that trip and I’m so incredibly thankful for what it brought to us as a couple. Everyone in the world deserves to be made to feel as special as we felt while we were there.”

When she travels, Christina takes ALL her favorite R+F products, including REVERSE Brightening Regimen, R+F Lash Boost, Active Hydration Serum, REDEFINE AMP MD System and Radiant Defense. “When traveling, I highly recommend ESSENTIALS Body Sunscreen SPF 30 and REVERSE SPF 50+ Sunscreen for the face – it’s my favorite sunscreen! And while I always thought Active Hydration Serum was best utilized in the dry winter months, it’s actually a fabulous drink of water for your face after being in the hot sun all day!”

Christina is planning her next travel adventures to see siblings, who luckily live in Ecuador, Sweden and Portugal.

Dani Lai is a Consultant who lives in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. She was able to visit her home country Taiwan with her youngest son for four weeks over the holidays, including a side trip to China to attend a friend’s wedding. “To be able to be part of an important event of our very dear friends, and visit family in Taiwan, this is a huge deal for our family.” Dani travels with her REVERSE Lightening Regimen, Active Hydration Serum, Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex, R+F Lash Boost, Mineral Peptides and Radiant Defense.

“They are all my favorites, so it’s hard to pick out my absolute favorite product! I love REVERSE for targeting and preventing sun damage. REVERSE SPF 50+ Sunscreen is my travel must in my personal bag and I reapply it often!!” She also carries Radiant Defense because she says, “it’s non-greasy, super lightweight and it perfects my skin while still protecting it. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind skincare product!” Dani is looking forward to her next dream destination, Germany in the summer of 2020.

To all the R+F travelers, we wish you Bon Voyage and many more dream trips!


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