Taking Skincare (and Results) to the Next Level: REDEFINE AMP MD System
Friday, August 23, 2019
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You know that feeling when your twice-weekly barre class + Saturday yoga is paying off? Or you’ve given up coffee and you’re finally sleeping more than six hours? Finding what works for you has rewards, especially when it comes to a consistent skincare routine. That’s what our Regimens are all about.

But if you want your quads to be even firmer, or to try for seven instead of six hours of uninterrupted sleep, you have to add in that little extra effort to make a very big difference. How do you get to the next level? You’ve got to step it up. Same goes for skincare. As good as they may be now, there is a way to put your R+F results in a whole different league.

What is the REDEFINE AMP MD System?

The REDEFINE AMP MD System consists of a serum (REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum) plus a tool (AMP MD Derma-Roller). You can use this set on its own or you can add it to your existing Regimen* to enhance and maximize results. This system uses micro-exfoliation and Retinal-MD Technology to improve the appearance of skin firmness and texture, for healthier, firmer, younger-looking skin. Inspired by the Doctors’ patients, R+F has created a handheld derma-roller so that everyone can safely and gently amp up skincare results at home.

How to use the AMP MD System

It takes just one minute three times a week, slowly increasing to nightly use as tolerated. After cleansing and toning skin, gently roll the AMP MD Derma-Roller over the face and/or neck 4 to 10 times, changing direction (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) with each pass. Focus on one area (forehead, left side, right side, chin, neck) before moving on to the next section. Total rolling time should not exceed one minute. The state-of-the-art Derma-Roller is ergonomically designed with high-precision tips that micro-exfoliate skin, prepping the skin for the serum.

Now that your skin is ready, apply REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum before the rest of your Regimen steps. This serum is formulated with our proprietary Retinal-MD Technology that contains Retinal, which is more potent than Retinol and gentler on skin.

Make sure to rinse the derma-roller under warm water after each use. Twice a week, clean it thoroughly with an AMP MD Purification Tablet (they come with the system) dropped into water in the system’s Cleansing Vial. Use a new tablet each time and let the derma-roller rest in the vial for about 15 minutes before rinsing.

Next-Level Results

So, what exactly can you expect by adding this system to your Regimen? Your skin will look firmer as it revitalizes the uppermost layers of your skin. The appearances of fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced as it empowers skin’s renewing process and smooths skin. Tone and texture will be visibly evened out because the system refines and conditions skin. Plus, the system amplifies the absorption of the products and their ingredients you apply after derma-rolling, including Intensive Renewing Serum. That’s how your results get to the next level.

AMP Up Regimen Results by 3X

When the AMP MD System was added to the REDEFINE Regimen, 91% of study participants noticed firmer-looking skin, a visible improvement in lines and wrinkles, and more even-looking skin tone.** They also experienced three times better visible wrinkles results when using REDEFINE Regimen with the AMP MD System versus using the Regimen alone.

Isn’t that worth a roll?

Now you can try the AMP MD System and get our popular Lip Renewing Serum for free! Check out this Special Offer here.

Watch as Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields demonstrate exactly how they use the AMP MD System as part of their own skincare routines.

To check which products are available in your market click here: CANADA or AUSTRALIA.


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