Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Do you Bullet Journal your skin? If not, maybe you should! Tracking your skincare products and routine with a bullet journal can keep you focused, inspired and on-Regimen. It can help your skin look better and feel healthier. Plus, it’s fun.

If you have no idea what a bullet journal is, it’s basically a handwritten calendar, diary, sketchbook and scrapbook all in one. (Some people go hard with detailed drawings and beautiful lettering, but you don’t have to be that artistic.) The bullet journal method was popularized by New York designer Ryder Carroll, who says it’s “designed to help you organize your what while you remain aware of your why.”

You can use a bullet journal as a productivity tool to Get Stuff Done (GSD), as a self-care exercise to process your emotions, as visual motivation to achieve a goal – or any other way you’d like. The choice is yours.  

Here are a few ways to use a BuJo to get better skin:

See Real Results

If you’re using Rodan + Fields skincare, you’re doing it for the results. Right? A BuJo can help get you there. Try starting a bullet journal the same day you begin using a new Rodan + Fields product or Regimen. Include a “before” photo, drawing or description of your skin, and describe the results you’re hoping for. Then make a plan to get you there: Commit to using the products as directed for the time it will take to achieve full results. Check in regularly with updates on your progress, and finish up with an “after” photo.

Fine-Tune Your Lifestyle

A bullet journal can help you identify how your behavior and circumstances affect your complexion. If your skin is suddenly extra-dry, check your BuJo: Maybe it’s because you were on a plane last week. (May we suggest some Active Hydration Serum?) If your skin is red or itchy, have you changed your diet? Is that new breakout related to your menstrual cycle? That being said, if you do want to determine whether your menstrual cycle is playing a part in your breakouts, you might want to use some ovulation testing equipment to monitor your cycle. For more information, check out the Countrywide Testing website.

Manage Your Emotions

Your feelings – especially stress – can show up on your face as acne, hives or even visible signs of aging. If you’re especially stressed, a BuJo can help you identify the source and encourage you to get some sleep, exercise or just take time for you. In fact, the meditative act of bullet-journaling itself can help you destress.

Regroup and Recommit

Hey, life happens and we’re all human. If you’ve gotten out of the twice-daily Regimen habit, slacked off on applying sunscreen, started sleeping with your makeup on…your BuJo is here for you. Sketch out a plan to get yourself back on track and keep it handy for inspiration. You’ll be in the clear in no time!

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