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Running on low battery? Between work, friends, dating, endless internet rabbit holes and the general chaos of life — you’re stressed. So is your skin. Whether you’re already seeing hints of the damage your hectic lifestyle is causing or you’re just trying to ward off the long-term effects of happy hour, our new 3-step Recharge Regimen is here. It balances, boosts + defends skin from visible signs of daily stress, environmental aggressors, UV rays, blue light and more to reveal your healthiest-looking skin instantly and over time.

In your 20s, your body’s most important antioxidant starts to diminish, which can lead to dull, dehydrated skin. Don’t panic, the RECHARGE Regimen’s Electri5 Complex acts like a nutrient-rich super vitamin for your skin. It’s made with our proprietary RFA+ Antioxidant Technology and a unique blend of Electrolytes, Prebiotics, Peptides + Superfruits to instantly supercharge your healthy glow.

1. Swipe left on clogged pores. Makeup, dirt, sweat, oil and pollution are gently exfoliated away with the 3-in-1 Super Cleanser. It helps unclog pores and smooths skin to leave it visibly radiant. The creamy, exfoliating formula is gentle enough to use morning + night — easy.

2. Start your glow up. Don’t just hydrate your skin. Boost its ability to defend itself against everyday stressors with our weightless, fast-absorbing gel cream Ultra Boost Moisturizing Treatment. You’ll notice instantly softer skin + achieve your healthiest-looking complexion with continued use, morning + night.

3. Forget the filter. Flawless is your middle name with our Protect + Blur Broad Spectrum SPF 30 for both UV protection and creating a matte finish. Our oil-free, 100% mineral UVA/UVB sunscreen virtually disappears, leaving imperfections visibly blurred. Or, use it as a primer for makeup. It’s the 2-in-1 you need to speed up your morning routine.

Remember: Consistency in skincare is key. 80% of how your skin appears in the future depends on how you’re caring for it now. It also probably wouldn’t hurt to unplug and put down the pizza once in a while, not that we’re judging.

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