How To Make Your Happiness Your Side Hustle
Friday, October 4, 2019
Derm RF

Your hustle is hard. It takes focus, drive, talent, knowledge and passion. Ultimately, it’s what keeps you motivated that matters most. When all the hard work pays off, you should have space to enjoy what keeps you going – dreams, family, me-time, your dog, whatever it is. You work hard so you can live beautifully.

Easier said than done, we know. Our careers can quickly become all-consuming. They take up most of our day and tend to follow us home. We’ve got a few tips on how to crush your main gig, be the hero of your side hustle AND give yourself the room to love life. For R+F Independent Consultants and go-getters of all varieties, you deserve it. If your side hustle is investments for your future financial planning, then you can always go onto sites such as SoFi to help you decide the best investment for you.

1. Get Real

Take time to reflect on what can realistically be accomplished. It’s better to go for something that gives you a passive income if possible, for example selling old belongings on sites like LeoList requires some initial work, but once your listings have been created the selling takes care of itself. If your passion requires you to dedicate a bit more time to it, finish anything you have on your plate currently in the coming days and weeks and plan your schedule to include your new work. Planning ensures that you will always have time set aside for it. You may find it helpful to plan tomorrow’s to-do list at the end of today or to start each day by making sure you’re ready to rock. It also helps to know as much as you can about your chosen side hustle, as it gives you the advantage you’ll need, putting you above the rest of any competition. For example, if your side hustle is an amazon store, it may help if you use an online course specializing in amazon business sales such as nine university. It could teach you the trade tips and tricks, help improve your sales and increase your revenue. Little work can pay off in the end. We all work a little differently, so do what works for you.

2. Take Care

Burnout is real. And it’s not just bad for you, it’s bad for business. Nothing derails your productivity like getting sick. Make sure you give yourself time to exercise, eat proper meals (vending machine doesn’t count) and keep up with any doctors’ checkups. Take your vitamins to avoid wasting your PTO on sick days and falling behind. Add our ESSENTIALS Maximum D3* Vitamin D Supplement to your daily routine. It’s a must-have for beautiful skin, bone health and overall wellness.

3. Make Time

Your “me time” deserves a real spot on your schedule. Your mental health and free time aren’t just for when you run out of things to do. That almost never happens! You’re a priority. So block off time for rest, meditation, fun and self-care. Take breaks, too. Most of us need a few moments of peace in the morning and evening. Try focusing on the calming ritual of your Regimen steps, indulge in your favorite tea or spend some time taking inventory of what you’re thankful for.

The overall theme is time. Give yourself time for ALL of the important things in your life, even if that means a “bubble bath” reminder interrupts that evening scan of your Inbox.

*Maximum D3® is a registered trademark belonging to BTR Group, Inc.

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