Friends Supporting Friends(giving)

four women celebrating the holidays

We love this time of year! It’s important to take inventory of all you’re grateful for and spend time with the people who love + support you. Reflect on how you got where you are and who’s helping you continue to grow. Friendsgiving is the perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation. Blend your friends, feast, passion, and take the day to support and lift each other up.

Invite your friends to give thanks for what drives them and bring their best tips and encouragement to share with the room. Friends supporting friends. The energy and passion you see in each other will motivate and energize you for the holiday season and the New Year ahead. Here are a few ideas to kickstart your planning:

Get your potluck poppin’ by starting an online shared document or group chat. This time of year is wild so don’t try to tackle the meal alone, especially if you’re also hosting a Thanksgiving dinner with lots of people. A live document or chat lets everyone see what’s on the menu and fill in gaps with what they love most. This is especially helpful for guests with dietary restrictions. 

Spread the word about spreading the love. Let everyone know that you want to celebrate and support their success. Encourage them to show off and share. When you’re up, let them in on what you did to achieve success, share your favorite tip from Convention 2019 and connect friends with others that you think can help each other and work together. Your work is beautiful, show it.

Give thanks with a toast. Find a fun, seasonal cocktail that you can recreate and make it your signature. With all the gratitude and empowerment in the room, you’ll want to have something special for every cheers-worthy moment.

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