For many years, women believed they could do little or nothing about the state of their skin and the ravages of aging. Today, we now understand that genetics account for just 20% of visible aging changes, and the remaining 80% depends on habits and lifestyle. By becoming an active participant in the quest for healthier, more attractive skin, we all have the opportunity to look and feel as young as we choose.

Want to add glowing skin to your list of things to be grateful for this season? Start by feeding your face a balanced, healthy diet. Findings from two recent studies indicate the better you eat, the better you will sleep and the more healthy and youthful your complexion will look. To learn more about the effect of diet on sleep patterns, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine studied the daily calories and foods consumed by people who were part of the 2007-2009 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. They also studied how much sleep the participants reported getting each night.

Filler Face: Unnatural-looking facial features that can be the result of filler overindulgence.

Who can forget Goldie Hawn’s mega-lipped character, Elise Elliott, in The First Wives Club? She’s the perfect example of taking filler to a scary extreme and ending up resembling an exaggerated Halloween caricature of yourself.

When it comes to flirting with filler, the best philosophy is “less is more.” While a little bit of cosmetic enhancement can go a long way to improving not only your appearance but also your confidence, too much can just as easily have the opposite effect.

Ever start munching on a just-cut apple … and then the doorbell rings? When you come back to your snack a few minutes later, you find it’s gone from fresh and appealing to looking brown and past its prime. What happened? Apples, just like our skin, have tyrosinase, an enzyme that reacts with oxygen. When an unprotected apple is exposed to the environment, the tyrosinase oxidizes, turning the apple brown.