For many years, women believed they could do little or nothing about the state of their skin and the ravages of aging. Today, we now understand that genetics account for just 20% of visible aging changes, and the remaining 80% depends on habits and lifestyle. By becoming an active participant in the quest for healthier, more attractive skin, we all have the opportunity to look and feel as young as we choose.

For many of us, fall means one thing—football. While aggression on the football field can be a champion-maker, when it comes to your face, rough play is best left on the field. According to our two favorite complexion coaches, the most common mistake people make when it comes to overzealous skincare is treating exfoliation like a competitive sport. They think “the harder, the better,” but in reality, slow and steady wins over time.

With the start of the holiday social circuit, people are suddenly impatient to get picture-perfect skin. And in an effort to look fantastic, many jump from appointment to appointment, accumulating multiple treatments and procedures.

While it’s tempting to consider going all-in on holiday specials, these in-office treatments are often expensive, painful and time consuming. However, skipping them doesn’t mean you can’t get office-like results…