Throughout 2015, the Rodan + Fields team will be tracking the top trending questions about skin and skincare so Derm RF can bring you a curated collection of insightful answers to the issues that are piquing the world’s curiosity—and yours. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields answer our top trending question for January: How do I select the right products for my skin type? Skin conditions are universal. Lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage and sensitivity are all equal opportunity offenders—no matter your skin type, gender or skin color. Skin is skin, and results come from using clinically proven products that address your skin concerns, not your skin type. Start by identifying your most pressing skin problems and then find a skincare regimen to address them.

We’ve seen it on the tennis court and the golf course, at marathon starting lines and on hiking and biking trails … “athlete’s face”—the dark tan and deep wrinkles from countless hours of unprotected exercise in the great outdoors.

From prematurely aged skin to blistering sunburns and skin cancer, the sun’s power to harm our skin is well documented, and I see the devastating effects every day in my medical practice. Whether you’re a pro athlete, weekend warrior or spectator in the stands, use this trio of play-safe tips so your skin—and health—don’t have to pay the price later.

Ever start munching on a just-cut apple … and then the doorbell rings? When you come back to your snack a few minutes later, you find it’s gone from fresh and appealing to looking brown and past its prime. What happened? Apples, just like our skin, have tyrosinase, an enzyme that reacts with oxygen. When an unprotected apple is exposed to the environment, the tyrosinase oxidizes, turning the apple brown.

While Father Time often takes the rap for our dull, aging complexions, the real culprit is the sun. In fact, studies show that as much as 80% of our skin’s aged appearance is caused by the sun—not the passage of time. Tune in to the latest webisode of Skinpact News, “Sun Damage: You Can Clean the Slate,” to learn from Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields how you can REVERSE brown spots, dullness and sun damage and give your skin the “get out of jail free” card it deserves.