If you had two of the most renowned skincare experts cornered at a party, what would you ask them? Our Derm RF feature, “Ask the Doctors,” will give you on-call access to hear straight from Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields with answers to your most pressing skin concerns. I am on the SOOTHE Regimen. What other products would you recommend to address deep lines and wrinkles? Dr. Katie Rodan: By helping to calm sensitive, irritated skin and facial redness, SOOTHE has anti-aging benefits. SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment with exclusive RFp3 peptide technology helps shield against the biological and environmental aggressors associated with inflammation, a potential cause of skin aging.

When it comes to skincare, there’s a lot of confusion out there. We’ve created this Derm RF column to help you clear up the confusion so you can make every day count when it comes to caring for your skin.

Fact or fiction? Facial exercises will lift my skin .

Fiction. Gravity is constantly tugging on our skin, and, while a stack of weights may work great for toning your biceps, facial exercises can actually have the opposite unwanted effect of enhancing your wrinkles. Your face contains 44 muscles that are constantly contracting and relaxing. These muscles are connected to your skin, so every time they move, the skin moves with them. When you sip, laugh, cry or speak, your expressions etch indelible marks across your forehead, around your mouth, between your brows and the perimeters of your eyes.

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields answer our top trending question for February: What’s the best way to deal with age spots—and keep hands from showing the signs of aging?
Hands are often the first body parts to give away our age with brown spots, thin, crepey skin, wrinkles and dryness. While we go to great efforts to stave off the signs of aging on our faces and necks, we often ignore those hard-working appendages that take a regular beating from the environment and daily abuse…with little TLC to show in return.

Our deepest expressions create our deepest expression lines. These are the lines that reveal a million moments in one—the times you laughed so hard with a loved one you could cry … the stolen moments puckered up for a kiss goodbye. They’re not just our wrinkles—they’re our storylines.While our love stories may get better with age, our storylines won’t. At 30, you might start to notice visible signs of aging, such as deepening smile lines or worry creases between the eyebrows. By the time we’re in our 40s, our storylines become more established: The crow’s feet around our eyes and the “goal posts” between our brows deepen, while the corners of our mouths start turning down, forming marionette lines that can leave us looking angry or sad. Even our lips, one of the face’s key vehicles of expression, start to show our storylines through the vertical lines that can say more about our age than we’d care to put into words. Here are a few tips to keep your lips kissably soft and smooth through the winter months.

Stay ahead of the curve and gain new insights as Derm RF presents the latest research on skin and skincare. What if at age 85, you could have few, if any, wrinkles? Sound impossible? Not if you live in Yuzurihara, Japan, a small, mountainous village two hours from Tokyo, where smooth-skinned 90-year-olds are commonplace. In fact, 10% of the population is aged 85 or older—10 times the norm for North America—and most have the plump skin of people decades younger.
The town doctor who studied the villagers for 60 years suggested that their youthfulness is tied to their steady diet of locally grown root vegetables and starchy “sticky” potatoes. These foods, it turns out, promote hyaluronic acid levels in the body.